Vicent Arrandis Ventura

Managing Partner: Vicente Arrandis Ventura
Associate Director: Fco. Javier Ortiz Alonso

Under the guidance of the principles of action, common services and quality levels that characterize the firm Seneor lawyers and economists, it is integrated within it an area of expertise which complements and strengthens the comprehensive advice called Seneor Labor.

The team of professionals of the SÉNEOR Laboral firm, is formed by lawyers specialized in labor law, social graduates and technicians in personnel management who currently manage, from their different responsibilities, a goodwill of more than 750 companies with an approximate volume of 8,500 workers belonging to different economic sectors throughout the Spanish geography.

Our team

Practice Areas of Séneor Laboral:

  • Payroll + Social Security
  • Labor hiring
  • "Strategic" labor law
  • Labor disputes
  • Labor inspections and social security
  • Union relations
  • Labor audits
  • Prevention of occupational hazards

Sectors of clients served by Séneor Laboral:

  • Innkeeper
  • Real Estate
  • Industrial
  • Commerce
  • Transportation

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