Adopting company taxation as our specialty, we focus on companies of up to 60 million euros and subsidiaries of multinational companies, with our core business being between 3 and 30 million euros in turnover. From our tax advice, we solve tax, commercial and accounting issues at the same time that we apply, annually, tax audit techniques that reveal any aspect derived from the economic life of the company.
Our comprehensive and multidisciplinary service together with our team of tax experts, characterized by their experience, extensive knowledge and limited turnover, are key to providing quality and stability to the client, allowing the client to be unconcerned about all the previous topics.

The specialties in this area are:

  • Corporation Tax (IS)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Fiscal consolidation and application of the special fiscal regime
  • Tax audit and purchase investigation and prospection or sale of companies
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) and foreign trade: intra-community traffic, triangular operations, exports and imports ...
  • Family business
  • International tax planning.
  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF)
  • Other indirect taxes (ITP, AJD ...)
  • Other direct taxes and local taxation
  • Tax Management and Inspection
  • Resources in economic-administrative and contentious-administrative way

Company law area

In SENEOR LAWYERS and ECONOMISTS we take care of the companies and the members that form it. Therefore, we strive to achieve optimal corporate structures to achieve the best corporate solution, considering the tax, labor and legal implications of all kinds. The global approach to these issues includes comprehensive advice for both the company and individuals: Income Tax, planning the succession process, convenience and opportunity for donations, family or parasocial agreements, usufruct, etc.

The legal-mercantile department is specialized in:

  • Business restructuring operations
  • Estate planning
  • Family protocol
  • Sale of companies
  • Constitution and liquidation of companies
  • "Due diligence"
  • Contractual, financial and legal-mercantile advice.


Labor relations entail a complexity that, because it does not become apparent at first, usually leads to conflicts that are difficult to resolve once they have been made explicit. Therefore, in the workplace we monitor the day to day of your needs, among which the most significant aspects include the following services offered by Séneor Laboral, focused on labor management and labor law.

  • General labor hiring and regime of senior managers and administrators
  • Preparation of payroll
  • Payroll drafting
  • Individual and collective dismissals
  • Representation and assistance before Labor Inspections and Social Security
  • Lagoral contentiousness and assistance before the SS, Courts of the Social, FOGASA ...
  • Union relations
  • Labor audits
  • Prevention of occupational hazards

Procedural area

We are experts in the negotiation and friendly resolution of disputes. However, if the conflict persists, we have a team of lawyers to better defend the interests of our clients before the courts and arbitration courts.

Our scope of action includes the main areas of business activity covering those litigation that may arise as a result, among others, of corporate conflicts, hiring and unpaid loans. Our approach, eminently business, allows us to have an interdisciplinary team in the financial, commercial, tax and labor areas that guarantee the most appropriate approach to jurisdictional or arbitral action.

Accounting area

Because we believe in accounting as the foundations for the proper functioning of the company, SENEOR's accounting team, backed up by more than 35 years of experience, provides the client with an outsourced and individualized support so that the entrepreneur can effectively and efficiently comply with all the accounting obligations. Especially focused on smaller companies and those in the entrepreneurial phase that require more flexibility, we perform the following functions, among others:

  • Analysis and review of accounting and administrative procedures
  • Accounting rearrangement
  • Accounting maintenance

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